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Genis Iddaa Program Excel 2022




in 1 year the government says that it is going to give a lottery to every family to have a baby. but then i thought how will the government know the number of children that are going to be in the family and also who will be the father? so after a lot of thinking i came to the conclusion that the government is using the whole population of the country as a testing lab in order to test how the whole country is really prepared to have a the government is really worried about the future of the country they are testing for this program for the first year they are giving a pre prenup of 10000 dirhams to pregnant women in order to have a child.but if the girl gets pregnant because of the prenup she is going to be paid 10000 dinars for the process. In addition to pre-conditioning, another problem with this program is the fear that the father of the baby will feel like he is forced to be the parent of the child. Isn’t this a form of child abuse? How can the government think that people are ready to have children with a pre-conditioned money to become a parent? Although the government’s program will help to decrease the ratio of unemployed people and also unemployed women, i don’t think that the program is a very good idea. I think that the government is going to be too busy preparing for the pre-conditioning of the population and also setting the pre-conditioned money for the pregnant women. This program is just a little bit smarter than the previous one, but it is not as nice as it is being made to seem. First of all, “Iddaa” doesn’t mean to pay a woman 10000 dirhams to have a baby. The program which is being talked about is the “Inject the Idea” program. But the author misses the point of the program. The author talks about how the government is going to pay for the pre-conditions of the children so that in the future the government will make them more productive citizens. The author is assuming that the government is going to pay for the kids in order to make them productive citizens. This is not true. The government wants to make more productive people so that the government won’t have to spend so much money and time for the state. In other words, the government is going to pay for the education of the kids so that the kids will



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Genis Iddaa Program Excel 2022

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